Barmiel (Aerial spirit)

The 5th. Spirit in order is Barmiel, he is the first & chief Spirit under Caspiel, the Emperor of the South, he governs as King under Caspiel & hath 10 Dukes for the Day & 20 for the Night to attend him to do his will, the which are all very good & willing to obey the Exorcist, whereof we shall make mention but of 8 that belong to the day & as many for the night, with their seals for they are sufficient for practise.

Note: every one of these Dukes hath 20 servants apeace to Attend them when they are called, excepting the last 4 that belong to the night, for they have none.

Theurgia Goetia, The Lesser Key of Solomon, Benjamin Rowe edition

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