Egyn (Demon)

Egyn is one of the four demon kings associated with the cardinal directions, along with Amaymon (south), Oriens (east), and Paimon (west). Egyn is generally associated with the direction north.

From The Book of Oberon, Dan Harms edition:


Egyn Rex, is of the North, & appeareth in the liknes of a man, & his face is very cleere, his nostrills are verie sharpe like a sworde, & out of his mouth commeth flames of fire, & he rideth upon a dragon & he is crowned with a crowne of pretious stones, & in his cheeks he beareth 2 tuskes, & he beareth one his right side 2 hissinge serpents shininge & he cometh with a greate noise & clamor before him go sundry kinds of musical Instruments & sweet organs, & he teacheth perfectly all physic, & singing, & the art Notaria, & the art of Nigromancy & the art memoratiuia, & he speaketh of &69 in divers parts of the world, & of things to come past & present, & of certain secrets, & hid things, & of the being & compacting of this world, & what the earth is, & whether the water may sustain the earth or the earth the water, & he telleth what a bottomless pit is called commonly Abissus, & where it is, & what the wine is, & from whence it commeth, & he giveth very good acquaintance & dignities, prelateships & confirmeth the same, & maketh consecration of books and other things & giveth true answers of all questions & demands & thou must look to the North when thou callest hime, & so soon as he appeareth, shewe him Sigillum Salomonis, & his ring & forthwith he will fall down, to the earth, & will worship the master & the master shall take & thank him therefore, & he hath 12000 legions, & causeth a man to winnat all manner of games, & Rodabell, vel Radabelbes, be the messengers of the kinge of the North

The grouping Cardinal Demon Kings includes this demon.

This demon is associated with the direction North

This demon requires the magic object Seal of Solomon

This demon rides the creature Dragon

Amaymon and Egyn

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