Oriens (Demon)

Oriens is one of the four demon kings associated with the cardinal directions, along with Egyn (north), Amaymon (south), and Paimon (west). Oriens is associated with the direction east.

From The Book of Oberon, Dan Harms edition:


The first king raigneth in the east and is called Oriens, and he cometh in the likeness of an horse with an 100 heads or as some wright with 5 heads, but if thou call him with his company he appeareth with a fair favor and as a woman, riding upon an Elephant & all manner of minstrels before him, he can tell all things past, present and to come, and can prophecy truly of things to come, he cane give any science earthly and earthly treasure, and he hath under him spirits innumerable of which of the best and most principal are these.

The grouping Cardinal Demon Kings includes this demon.

This demon is associated with the direction East

This demon rides the creature Elephant

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