Bethor (Olympian spirit)

Bethor governeth those things which are ascribed to Jupiter : he soon cometh being called. He that is dignified with his character, he raiseth to very great dignities, to cast open treasures: he reconcileth the spirits of the aire, that they give true answers: they transport precious stones from place to place, and they make medicines to work miraculously in their effects: he giveth also familiars of the firmament, and prolongeth life to 700 yeares if God will.

He hath under him 42 Kings, 35 Princes, 28 Dukes, 21 Counsellors, 14 Ministers, 7 Messengers, 29000 legions of Spirits.

Arbatel of Magic, Robert Turner translation

This olympian spirit is associated with the astrological body Jupiter

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