John Dee (Person)

John Dee was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth, an astrologer, magician, mathematician, and collector of grimoires. He collaborated with Edward Kelley in scrying and communicating with angels, until their friendship dissolved due to Kelley sleeping with Dee's wife, at the instruction of angels.

Dee is thought to be the inspiration for the character Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

He died in either 1608 or 1609.

This person advised Elizabeth I

The book The Tempest describes this person.

This person owned the grimoires The Sworn Book of Honorious Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy Book of Soyga

This person used the magic object Crystal ball

Edward Kelley worked with this person.

This person wrote the grimoires Liber Loagaeth De Heptarchia Mystica Five Books of Mystery

William Shakespeare wrote about this person.

This person wrote in the language Enochian

Timeline of related events


In this century: Publication of the Sworn Book of Honorious (this person owned The Sworn Book of Honorious)





Publication of The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy (this person owned Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy)


John Dee and Edward Kelley meet John Dee and Edward Kelley meet (worked with this person) Publication of De Heptarchia Mystica (this person wrote De Heptarchia Mystica)


John Dee completed his Five Books of Mystery (this person wrote Five Books of Mystery) Publication of Liber Loagaeth (this person wrote Liber Loagaeth)


Death of Edward Kelley (worked with this person)



Death of Queen Elizabeth (this person advised Elizabeth I)