La Voisin (Person)

La Voison was a fortune teller and noted poisoner, who performed black masses for her wealthy Parisian clients. She was burned as a witch in 1680, after living an extraordinary life and killing an untold number of people.

This person key player in the historical event Affair of the Poisons

Giulia Tofana layed the groundwork for this person.

This person owned the grimoires Key of Solomon The Grimoire of Pope Honorius

La Bosse turned in this person.

Timeline of related events



Publication of the Key of Solomon (this person owned Key of Solomon)



Publication of the Grimoire of Pope Honorious (this person owned The Grimoire of Pope Honorius)


Affair of the Poisons (this person key player in Affair of the Poisons)


Execution of Marie Bosse (turned in this person)