A Charm for Dreaming (Spell)

From Mother Shipton's Wheel of Fortune:

A Charm for Dreaming

When you go to bed, place under your pillow is common prayer-book, open it at the part of the Matrimonial service, in which is printed "with this ring thee wed," &c., place on it a key, a ring, a flower and a sprig of willow, a small heart cake, a crust of bread, and the following cards: the ten of clubs, nine of hearts, ace of spades, and the ace of diamonds, wrap all these round in a handkerchief of thin gauze or muslin, on getting into bed cross your hands and say;--

Luna ever womans’ friend,
To me thy goodness condescend;
Let me this night in visions see,
Emblems of my destiny.

If you dream of storms, trouble will betide you; if the storm ends in a fine calm, so will your fate; if of a ring, or of the ace of diamonds, marriage; bread, an industrious life; cake, a prosperous life; flowers, joy; willow, treachery in love; spades, death; diamonds, money; clubs, a foreign land; hearts, illegitimate children; keys, that you will rise to great trust and power, and never know want; birds, that you will have many children; geese, you will marry more than once.

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