A Good Charm Against Thieves (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

A Good Way to Stay a Thief

Three lilies grow upon Jesus' grave. The first is courage divine; the other, God's blood, so fine; the third is God's will, under which, ye thieves, must hold still. Stand still you thief. No more our Lord Jesus descendeth from the cross. Thou shalt not be able to leave this spot. This I command thee, in the name of the four Evangelists and the heavenly ele­ments in the waters or in the shot, in the court of justice or before an apparition. This I bow unto thee by the day of doom, that thou standest still, and not further proceed, till all the stars in the heaven I shall see and the sun will shine bright. I herewith stop all thy leaping and escaping. This, I command thee, in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

When you desire to set them free again, order them to de­part hence, in the name of the Lord.

From The Long Lost Friend:

A Good Charm Against Thieves

There are three lilies standing upon the grave of the Lord our God; the first one is the courage of God, the other is the blood of God, and the third one is the will of God. Stand still, thief! No more than Jesus Christ stepped down from the cross, no more shalt thou move from this spot; this I command thee by the four evangelists and elements of heaven, there in the river, or in the shot, or in the judgment, or in the sight. Thus I conjure you by the last judgment to stand still and not to move, until I see all the stars in heaven and the sun rises again. Thus I stop by running and jumping and command it in the name of + + +. Amen.

This must be repeated three times.

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