An Ointment for various kinds of Pimples and Boils also for Small-Pox etc (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

An Ointment for various kinds of Pimples and Boils, also for Small-Pox, etc.

Take some unwatered butter, raw bees'-wax, pitch, saffron, for five cents, some sulphur; the sulphur must be melted in a pan, afterward add the wax, pitch, saffron, and last the butter, let it boil well together, as long as a soft egg, or till it foams over. Put it upon a rag and tie as warm as it can be borne upon the pimples and kept tight by means of an­other band. This is an excellent thing for poisonous eruptions of all kinds. Probatum.

The grimoire Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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