The mystery of the black hen for making a demon obedient (Spell)

Grimorium Verum vary only slightly on the details of this spell. This is the Grand Grimoire version:

The famous secret of the Black Hen, a secret without which one can not count on the success of any cabala, was lost for a long time: after much investigation we have succeeded in finding it and the tests which we have carried out, to assure ourselves that it was positively that which we sought, exactly matched our expectations. Therefore we are completely satified. It is to share our happiness with all those who have the courage to imitate us that we have transcribed it. Take a Black Hen that has never been laid eggs and that has never been approached by a rooster and in taking her make certain that she does not cry out so that you will have to do this at eleven at night, when she is sleeping. Take her neck and close her throat so that she can not scream. Then go where two streets form a cross and at midnight precisely make a circle with a Cyprus branch, go into the middle of the circle and cut the hen’s body into two parts uttering the following words three times: ELOHIM, ESSAIM, search and then turn your gaze toward the East, kneel and recite the prayer:

Prayer to the Omnipotent in Thanksgiving

"Omnipotent God, heavenly father, who created all things for the service and use of man, I humbly thank you, that in your great goodness and that you have permitted that I could make a pact with a spirit that is a rebel of your authority and subdue it to obey me in fulfilling all of my needs. I thank you, O omnipotent God, for the good that you have done me tonight to have shown myself to be worthy to have granted to me, miserable creature, your precious favors and to present, great God, now that I have come to know the force and power of your great promises, when you said: "seek and you shall find", "knock and the door shall be opened" as you have recommended to raise the poor, condescend O great God to inspire me to true sentiment of charity so that I can spread with this Great Work a great portion of the possessions your great divinity permitted that I could receive. Let it be, O great God, that I can enjoy these great riches that I possess, with tranquillity and do not permit any rebel spirit to harm my enjoyment of these precious treasures over which you permit me to own. Inspire in me, O great God, the necessary sentiment to unbind me from the grips of the devil and all maleffcient spirits. I trust, O great God, in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and in your saintly protrection. Amen."

Oration to Protect Oneself from Evil Spirits

"O omnipotent Father, O Mother, the most tender of all mothers, O admirable example of the sentiments, O Son, O flower of all sons, soul, spirit, harmony and number of all orders, preserve us, protect us, guide us and be propitious. Amen."

Great Invocation to Summon the Spirit with whom one wishes to the pact excerpted from The Great Clavicle

"Emperor LUCIFER, master of all the rebel spirits, I ask you to be favorable in my summons of your Great Minister LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE, since I wish to make a pact with him. I also request that you, Prince BELZEBUTH, protect me in my undertaking; O Come ASTAROTH BE propitious and ensure that the great LUCIFUGE appears to me tonight in human guise and without emitting foul odors and he grant me as per the pact that I will present to him, all of the riches which I require. O great LUCIFUGE, I request that you abandon your dwelling, in whatever part of the world it should be, to come and speak with me. Otherwise, I will force you by the power of the great living God and his dear Son and the Holy Spirit: obey now, or I will eternally torment you by the authority of the powerful words of Solomon’s great Clavicle of which he made use to oblige the rebel Spirits to receive his pact; therefore, appear as quickly as possible or I will continually torment you by the authority of the powerful words of the Clavicle: Aglon, Tetragram, vaycheon stimulamaton ezphares Tetragrammaton, olyaram irion esytion existion eryona onera orasim mozm messias soter Emanuel Sabaoth ADONAY, te adoro et te invoco. Amen."

At that moment the foul spirit will appear, dressed in a scarlet outfit with braids, a yellow shirt, green pants, his head resembles that of a dog, but he has the ears of an ass, with two horns, legs and feet like a heifer. He will ask you your demands; you give them as you think best since he will not be able to disobey you and he can make you one of the richest and therefore happiest of men.

Before you do what has been explained you need to make vyour devotions. Say your prayers and be above reproach; this is so essential that in doing the opposite you could end up at the spirits command, instead of him being at yours.

This spell invokes the demons Lucifer Lucifuge Rofocale Astaroth

The grimoires Grimorium Verum The Grand Grimoire lists this spell.

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Publication of the Grand Grimoire (lists this spell)