To Cause several kinds of Dreams (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

To Cause several kinds of Dreams.

Now we will endeavor to show how to cause pleasant, sad, or true dreams. But that we may more certainly effect it, it will be good first to know the causes. The meat in con­coction must be corrupted (this must be taken for granted) and turned into vapors; which, being hot and light, will nat­urally ascend, and creep through the veins into the brain; which being always cold, condenses them into moisture, as we see clouds generated in the outer world; for by an inward reciprocation, they fall down upon the heart, the principal seat of the senses. In the meanwhile, the head grows full and heavy, and is overwhelmed in a deep sleep. Whence it comes to pass, that the species descending, meet and mix with other vapors, which make them appear preposterous and monstrous; especially, in the quiet of the night. But in the morning, when the excrementious and soul blood is separated from the pure and good, and become cool and allayed; then pure and unmixed, and pleasant visions also appear. Wherefore, I thought it not irrational, when a man is overwhelmed with drink, that vapors should arise participating, as well of the nature of what he has drank or eat, as of the humors which abound in his body, that in sleep he should rejoice or be much troubled; that fires and darkness, hail and putrefactions, should proceed from cholera, melancholy, cold and putrid humors. So to dream of killing any one, or being besmeared with blood, shows an abundance of blood; and Hippocrates and Galen say, We may judge a man to be of a sanguine complexion by it.

Hence, those who eat windy meats, by reason thereof, have rough and monstrous dreams; meats of thin and small vapors exhilarate the mind with pleasant phantoms. So also the out­ward application of simples, does infect the species while they are going to the heart. For the arteries of the body, says Galen, while they are dilated, do attract into themselves any­thing that is next them. It will much help too, to anoint the liver; for the blood passes upward out of the stomach by evaporation, and runneth to the liver; from the liver to the heart. Thus the circulating vapors are infected, and represent species of the same color. That we may not please the sleepers only, but also the waking, behold.

The grimoires Magiae Naturalis Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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