To Compel one dance completely naked (Spell)

From Grand Grimoire:

On Eve of St. John the Baptist, gather at midnight, three walnut leaves, three sweet marjoram plants, three myrtle plants, and three vervain plants. Dry it all in the shade, and make it into a powder. When you want to make use of the powder, Throw some like a small pinch of tobacco into the air of the room where there are the people whom you wish to enjoy.

In Petit Albert, the title of the spell is "Pour faire danser une fille nue en chemise" which suggests she may still be wearing a shirt.

The result of this spell is notably similar to To make a young woman dance nude in Grimorium Verum, but the rituals are completely different.

This spell is similar to the spell To make a young woman dance nude

The grimoires Petit Albert The Grand Grimoire lists this spell.

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