To Compel a Thief to Return Stolen Property (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

To Compel a Thief to Return Stolen Property.

In the name of the Holy Trinity, I urge and conjure, N. N., thou thief, male or female thief, in the name of God who knows all, through Aaron the high priest, through whose aid I compel and vanquish all devils, this be imparted to you, Moloch and, Lucifer too will tie sent, as also St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael with many thousand legions of obedient spirits and holy angels of God, this be thy compulsion, thy obedience, this be thy ransom, this be thy plague, this be thy obligation: Asteroth, God in Gods and of God, the thief who robbed N. N., that thief, be it male or female, bring hither to me in my N. N. house with the articles stolen. Beelzubub be bound, Lucifer be bound, Satan be bound with the rays which emanate from the holy countenance of God; the God who hath given to Moses the commandments, he would aid me, N. N., out of trouble, he dishonor you! But I who keep the commandment, love the law, that law be God, a powerful God, a conqueror, a comforter and savior. Moloch, Lucifer, Aste­roth Pemeoth Forni gator, Anector, Somiator, sleep ye not, awake, the strong hero Holaha, the powerful Eaton, the mighty Tetragramaton; Athe, Alpha et Omega, compel ye that the thief may return the stolen articles into the house of N. N., and that the thief shall have neither rest nor peace through sand and land, through sea or air, on mountain or rock, thou accursed devil, lead the thief back into my house with all the stolen goods.

Behold the mighty God, St. Zapheel be thy prayer, be thy compulsion, the ark of God, the ark of the covenant of the dwelling of the Lord shall aid me to bring the rope for ye devils, and for this be God in God my helper in need and trouble. Jehovah, Saboah, Emanuel, ah Jathos Noio sottis, Ishiros, Kiriel aios Fius Imago Via veritas Salvator Oberator Tetragramatum Stoch Nahus tribelasus Spenter omnipotens Venus, Sanitus, Trinus, Imenesus, Virtus, Principitatis, Lib­erator Manus Erohye, Mediator Imbrator Oulus Prillus, teris Judaea arnes humuisien. Psalm 91. Pray; Satan, thou ac­cursed devil, hast thou heard the power of Adonay, our great Lord, then thou must through the power of Jehovah at once compel the thief who has robbed N. N. and force him (or her) that these stolen things be returned into my N. N.'s house.

Immanuel is thy commander, Sada drive thee with the thief into my house. Ishiros force thee, agios Imperator Dominus God Alpha and Omega may send his heavenly power, Cheru­bim and Seraphim, these mighty princes of heaven. St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Sephael, St. Uriel the transparent and penetrating mediator be mediator between thee and me. Hereby I conjure the thief that thou be obedient and tractable like the lightning's flash, obedient to Almighty God; to this end help me, God Father, Son and Holy Spirit

The grimoire Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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