The Composition of Death or Philosopher's Stone (Spell)

Take a new earthen pot, put in it a pound of red copper with half a bottle of Nitric Acid. Boil it for half an hour. Afterwards add three ounces of verdegris (Copper Carbonate), and boil for one hour. Then add two and a half ounces of arsenic, and boil one hour. Add three ounces of oak bark, well pulverized, and let it boil a half hour, add a 64 fluid ounces of rose water boil twelve minutes, then add three ounces of lampblack, and let it boil until the composition is good. To see whether it is cooked enough, dip a nail in it; if it adheres, remove it. It will produce a pound and a half of good gold. If it does not adhere, it is proof that it has not cooked enough; the liquor can serve four times.

Grand Grimoire

The grimoire The Grand Grimoire lists this spell.

This spell produces the magic object Philosopher's Stone

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