To Cut a Stick wherewith to Punish a Witch that has Attacked the Cattle (Spell)

From Romanus-Büchlein, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

To cut a stick wherewith one can flog someone however distant.

Take note when the moon becomes new on a Tuesday, then go before sunrise, step up to a stick, which you have selected beforehand, stand facing the sunrise, and speak these words: Stick, I grasp you in the name + + +. Take your knife in your hand and speak again: Stick, I cut you in the names + + + that you be obedient to me, and flog whom I wish to flog, when I begin a name. Afterwards place cuts in two places on the stick, putting them somewhat apart, so that you can write, stick, or cut these words on it: Abia obie, tabia. Put a coat on a shear-heap, strike the coat with your stick, and call the person's name whom you wish to flog, and smack boldly, and your blows will be felt by the person, as if he or she were under the coat, though they may actually be many miles away. Besides a shear-heap you can also use the threshold under a door. This (charm) has been proven by a shepherd from Birneck (Switzerland) against the same nobleman.

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

To Cut a Stick wherewith to Punish a Witch that has Attacked the Cattle.

Mark well, and observe when the new moon shines on a Tuesday before sunrise, or, perhaps, on a Golden Sunday, which will occur whenever a Friday and Sunday come to­gether, or, perhaps, on Good Friday, also before the rising of the sun, hie thee to a hazelnut bush, which you may have selected beforehand. Stand before the stick toward the rising of the sun,, take hold thereof, in the name of God, with both hands, and speak: Stick, I grasp thee, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that thou shalt be obedient to me, that I may surely hit him whom I design to whip. Whereupon take thy knife, and cut the stick in three cuts, while pronouncing the three highest names, and carry it quietly to thy home, and guard it well, that no person steals it. If you intend to whip a witch which hath assaulted a beast or human being, go into the resp. house, and pray, before proceeding thence, three times, with great devotion, the article dedicated to the Bedgoblin, (which is the second article in this book), so that she may be destroyed by fire, and no evil spirit may enter into house or stable; otherwise the cats would get madam to scratch the eyes out of your head. Then move round the man or beast so bewitched three times, back­ward. Now take off the hat, put it upon the floor, and batter so long upon the hat as thou may chose. It will certainly hit the witch; and even if you should hammer holes into your hat, even the witch will then receive holes in his (or her) head. If thou desirest to flog one who is living at a distance from you, who deserves a beating, then place your coat upon a witch's ladder or shears, or upon a threshold, and call the name of him (or her) you design to whip, and you will hit him (or her) just as well as if he (or she) be present. But upon the stick thou must inscribe: Abiam, Dabiam, Fabiam. Probatum est!

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