Divination by means of an egg (Spell)

From Hygromanteia, Ioannis Marathakis edition:

Divination by means of an egg

Take a black hen's first egg, born on Thursday, and put it in olive oil from dawn till noon. Take it out of the oil and go to a quiet, private place, under the burning Sun. Fix the egg against the sun rays and say:

I conjure you, egg, by the true God, by the living God, by the holy God that reigns over everything, give me your grace and show me the utmost truth concerning anything I will ask you.

Name what you want, and you will see it at once. Do this divination during the New Moon.

From Grimorium Verum, Plangiere edition:

Divination by means of an egg

The operation of the Egg is to know what will happen to anyone who is present at the experiment.

One takes an egg of a black hen, laid in the daytime, breaks it, and removes the germ.

You must have a large glass, very thin and clear. Fill this with clear water and into it put the egg-germ.

The glass is placed in the Sun at midday in summer, and the Director of the operation will recite the prayers and conjurations of the day.

These prayers and conjurations are such as are found in the Key of Solomon, in which we treat amply of airy spirits.

And with the index finger, agitate the water, to make the germ turn. Leave it to rest a moment, and then look at it through the glass, not touching it. Then you will see the answer, and it should be tried on a working-day, because these are spirits that will come during the times of ordinary occupations.

If one wishes to see if a boy or a girl is a virgin, the germ will fall to the bottom; and if he (or she) is not, it will be as usual.

The grimoires Hygromanteia Grimorium Verum lists this spell.

Divination by means of an egg in Hygromanteia

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