Divination by the word of Uriel (Spell)

From Grimorium Verum, Plangiere translation:

To succeed in this operation, he who makes the experiment must do all things which are told herein. He is to choose a small room or place which for nine days or more has not been visited by women in an impure state [i.e., during their menstration period].

This place must be well cleaned and consecrated, by means of consecrations and aspersions. In the middle of the room there is to be a table covered with a white cloth. On this is a new glass vial full of spring water, brought shortly before the operation, with three small tapers of virgin wax mixed with human fat; a piece of virgin parchment, and the quill of a raven suitable for writing with; an inkpot of chine full of fresh ink; a small container of metal with materials to make a fire.

You must also find a boy of nine or ten years old, who shall be well behaved and cleanly dressed. He should be near the table.

A large new needle is taken, and one of the three tapers is mounted upon it, six inches behind the glass. The other two tapers should be positioned at the right and left of the glass, and an equal distance away.

While you are doing this, say:

Gabamiah, Adonay, Agla, O Lord of Powers, aid us!

Place the virgin parchment on the right of the glass and the pen and ink on the left. Before starting, close the door and windows.

Now stir the fire, and light the wax tapers. Let the boy be on his knees, looking into the glass vial. He should be bareheaded and his hands joined.

Now the Master orders the boy to stare fixedly into the vial, and speaking softly into his right ear, he says:

The Conjuration.

URIEL + SERAPH + JOSATA + ABLATI + AGLA + CAILA, I beg and conjure thee by the four words that God spoke with His mouth to His servant Moses: JOSTA + AGLA + CAILA + ABLATI. And by the name of the Nine Heavens in which thou livest, and also by the virginity of this child who is before thee, to appear at once, and visibly, to reveal that truth which I desire to know. And when this is done, I shall discharge thee in peace and benevolence, in the Name of the Most Holy Adonay.

When this conjuration is finished, ask the child whether he sees anything in the vial. If he answers that he sees an angel or other materialization, the Master of the operation shall say in a friendly tone:

Blessed spirit, welcome. I conjure thee again, in the Name of the Most Holy Adonay, to reveal to me immediately . . . . (Here the operator petitions the spirit for what he will.)

Then say to the spirit:

If, for any reason, thou dost not wish what thou sayest to be heard by others, I conjure thee to write the answer upon this virgin parchment, between this time and the morrow. Otherwise thou mayst reveal it to me in my sleep.

If the spirit answers audibly, you must listen with respect. If he does not speak, after you have repeated the supplication three times, snuff the tapers, and leave the room until the following day. Return the next morning, and you will find the answer written on the virgin parchment, if it has not been revealed to you in the night.

This spell invokes the angel Uriel

The grimoire Grimorium Verum lists this spell.

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