For Gangrene or Mortification (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

For Gangrene or Mortification

Christ the Lord went through the field, and met a person who was sick of palsy. Christ the Lord spake: Whither art thou going, thou cold face? The face thus addressed replied: I will enter into that man. Christ the Lord said: What wilt thou do in the body of that man? I will shatter his bones to death, eat his flesh, and drink his blood. Christ the Lord sayeth: Thou palsied face, thou shalt not do so; pebble stones thou must devour, bitter herbs thou shalt pluck; from a well thou must drink, and therein shalt thou sink. + + +

On a Friday it was, when our Lord was- tortured. As this is the case, so may Christ deliver me from Cramp, from palsy, and apparition. In the second place, thou shalt stand quietly, half of the back, shank or leg, or any other limb or member, I may possess on my body, be the same dull, blind, pliable or pliant; therefore, cramp, palsy or apparition, thou canst go no further, such commandeth unto thee the man who suffered death upon the cross as Jesus Christ; He who by His bitter tortures and by His death hath been sacrificed. All may move—foliage and grasses, all things which upon earth do grow, as also our dear Master Jesus Christ's water and blood; that he may do unto all believing Christian people, who bent themselves on account of His great nature, while the holy body hung on His Cross. Therefore, the Jews spake: Master, thou didst first comfort the cramp, the palsy and the apparition; but Jesus replied: Cramp, palsy and apparitions I do not have. Be it woman or man; so help me Christ, the joy and comfort of the sacred cross of Him who is arisen out of corruption's womb; burst ye the spell, break from your gloom! By the joy He caused unto His mother, Jesus of Naz­areth, God be merciful to me, a poor sinner. + + +

Whoever carries this letter with him on his person, so as to be enabled to recite the same at will, will never more of cramp, palsy or apparition become ill.

The grimoire Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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