Wonderful secrets for foretelling the future (Spell)

From Grimorium Verum, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

Wonderful secret for foretelling the future

In the first quarter moon pick linseed, in the second quarter pull up from the earth parsely roots, and in the full moon collect violets, ever fasting, and touch the plant first with a magic wand.

Then put the seeds on a roof tile of the house, and cover them with another, and likewise the roots and the violets, employing in all six tiles which are new, and a cat should never have walked on that roof, nor sparrows made nests thereon.

Each day for fourteen days recite one of the Seven Joys and end each with one of the Seven Pains of Mary the most holy virgin.

On the fifteenth day, fast until sunset, and when the Sun has disappeared, make a circle in an enclosed place, where no one is present but the person, man or woman, for whom you wish to foretell the future, and with an ember of jasmine wood, set fire to the linseed, parsley roots, and violets. And with the magic wand in hand, and facing the direction where the Sun will rise the following day, you will receive that smoke.

Then invoke the ten Sibyls, naming each one:

"Sambetta, Libussa, Atemis, Cumana, Eritrean, Fito, Amaltea, Elespontiaca, Frigia, Tiburtina."

In that point the prophetic inspiration will descend from the brain to the lips, that they will foretell the future.

The grimoire Grimorium Verum lists this spell.

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