Garters for traveling (Spell)

From Grimorium Verum, Plangiere edition:

Garters for Distances

Go out of the house, fasting; march to your left until you find a ribbon-seller. Buy one ell of white ribbon. Pay what is asked, and drop a farthing (un liard) into the box.

Return home by the same route. Next day do the same, until you have found a seller of pens.

Buy one, as you bought the ribbon. When you are locked in your own room, write with your own blood on the ribbon the characters of the third line on the plan. This is the right garter.

Those of the fourth line are for the left. [These are presumably the planetary symbols in the concentric circles of the plan of the Grimoire.]

When this is done, go out. The third day after, take your ribbon and pen, walk to the left until you find a pastry cook or bakery. Buy a cake or bread for a halfpenny. Go to the first tavern, order a half bottle of wine, have your glass rinsed three times by the same person, break in three the cake or bread.

Put the three pieces in the glass with wine. Take the first piece and throw it under the table without looking at it, saying IRLY, FOR THEE.

Then take the second piece and throw it likewise, saying TERLY, FOR THEE. Write on the other side of the garter the two names of these spirits with your blood. Throw down the third piece, saying, ERLY, FOR THEE. Throw down the pen, drink the wine without eating, pay the cost and go away.

Being outside the town, take the garters, make no mistake as to which is the right and which the left. This is important. Stamp three times with the foot on the ground, pronounce the names of the spirits TERLY, ERLY, BALTAZARD, IRLY, MELCHIOR, GASPARD, LET US GO.

Then make your trip.

The grimoires Grimorium Verum The Grimoire of Pope Honorius lists this spell.

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