Glue to Repair Porcelain Vases (Spell)

Grand Grimoire and Long Lost Friend list similar variants of this recipe, both of which use lime, egg whites, and dairy.

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

To Glue Broken Glass Together

Take albumen, (white of eggs,) mix unslaked lime to it, and, with this glue, broken glass and earthen dishes may be mended.

From Grand Grimoire, Dark Lodge edition:

Glue to Repair Porcelain Vases

Take two fresh egg whites, mix them together, add a little quicklime. Put a little of this mixture on the broken pieces, hold them together for two or three minutes. Then boil them with milk and the cracks will become invisible.

From The Long Lost Friend:

To Mend Broken Glass

Take common cheese and wash it well, unslaked lime and the white of eggs, rub all these well together until it becomes one mass, and then use it. If it is made right, it will certainly hold.

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