Gold Roots for the Teething of Children (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

Gold Roots for the Teething of Children.

When children are teething suspend gold roots around their necks, and they will get their teeth without pain. Such root, carried on your person, secures the wearer against all harm.

Waywort heals heart woe and stomach pain. Whoever car­ries the roots on his person his eyes will be cured. Dog's dribbling and chacis waxes and vanes like the moon, its flow­ers heal those who suffers from too large a spleen or milt.

Nasturtian roots powdered, and laid upon the eyes, give clear and brilliant eyes. The sap to drink will cure liver com­plaint; whoever carries the root on his person will be favored by the ladies. Taken in food, it is good for cancer.

When you catch a whoop, you will find a stone, which you must put under the head of a sleeping person, and that person will be compelled to impart to you all secrets which he may know. If you carry a badger's foot with you, all your affairs will be fortunate, and you will not be perplexed, nor err.

Whoop eyes make a man benign. If you carry the eye with you, you will be in good repute by the authorities; and if you will carry the head no one will cheat you.

If you carry the head of a crow upon your breast, all must love you who have dealings with you.

When you catch a mole and put it into a pot, while it lives, and ignite sulphur, all moles will gather together.

When you put a mole into an earthen pot, and boil the same, and with this water wash the hair, the hair will turn white.

During the month of August take a swallow from its nest. In its stomach you will find a stone, which you may wrap into a linen handkerchief, hang under your left arm. It is a good thing against slanderers, and makes you agreeable among the people.

A snail is said to have a starlet in its head, and when found it is good for one who is afflicted with kidney disease.

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