To have gold and silver or the hand of glory (Spell)

Tear out the hair of a mare in heat, by the roots, closest to the nature, saying DRAGNE, DRAGNE, DRAGNE. > Then tie them into a knot. Now go out and buy, without dispute over the price, a new pot of earthenware, which shall have a lid. Return to your house as fast as you can, fill the pot with water from a spring, until it is not quite full. Place the knotted hairs in it, cover it, and place it where neither you nor anyone else can see it, for there is danger in this.

After nine days, at the hidden hour, bring out the pot and open it, and you will find that there is a small animal like a snake therein. This fill jump up. Then say: I ACCEPT THE PACT.

Do not touch the animal with your hand. Place it in a new box, which you have bought for this purpose, and that without bargaining as to price. You must feed the creatue on wheat-husks alone, daily.

When you need gold or silver, place as much as you require in the box. Go to bed, with the box at the side of the bed. Sleep, if you desire, for three or four hours. Rise, then, and you will find that the money you have placed in the box has been doubled. But what you put first into the box must be left in it.

If it is an ordinary-looking snake, you should not ask for more than one hundred francs at each time. If, however, it has a human face, then you will be able to obtain a thousand francs each time.

If you want to kill the creature, place in the box instead of its daily husks, some of the flour which has been used fo the consecration in the first Mass said by the priest. After eating this it will die. Above all, do not omit anything, because this is not intended as a joke!

Grimorium Verum, Plangiere translation

The grimoires Grimorium Verum The Grimoire of Pope Honorius lists this spell.

This spell produces the magic object Hand of Glory

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