How to make water of Air (Spell)

From Magiae Naturalis:

How to make water of Air

If all other means fail, we may make water of air only by changing it into air, as nature does. for she makes water of air or vapors. Therefore when we want, water we may make it of air, and do as nature does. We know when the sun heats the earth, it draws forth the thinnest vapors, and carries them on high, to that region of the air where the cold is, those vapors are condensed into drops, and fall down in the rain. Also we see in summer, that in glass vessels well rinsed, and that are full of cold water, the air by coming to the outermost surfaces, will presently cloud the Glass and make it lose its cleanness. A little after it will be all in a dew and swell into bubbles, and by degrees these will turn to drops, and fall down, which have no other reason for them. But because the cold air sticking to the glass, grows thick, and is changed into water. We also see in Chambers at Venice, where there are windows made of Glass, when a gross and thick vapor sticks to the glass within, and a cold vapor prevails without, that within will turn to dew, and drop down. Again, in winter, in Brass guns, which are always very cold, and are kept in cellars, and vaulted places, where men also use to be, that the air will grow thick, and lighting upon the cold surfaces of them, the will be all of a dew, and drop with water. But to say no more: Make a large round vessel of Brass, and put into it Saltpeter, unrefined, and will fill it. Men call it Solzaao mingled with Ice. For these two mixed, as I said in the book, make a mighty cold, and by shaking them, with the wonderful force of the cold, they gather air about the vessel, and it will presently drop into a vessel underneath. A diligent artist will add more, that he may get a greater quantity of water. It suffices that I shown the way.

The grimoire Magiae Naturalis lists this spell.

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