How to Make your Lover or Sweetheart Come (Spell)

From The Book of Forbidden Secrets:

How to Make your Lover or Sweetheart Come

If a maid wishes to see her lover, let her take the following method: Prick the third or wedding finger of your left hand with a sharp needle (beware a pin), and with the blood write your own and lover's name on a piece of clean writing paper, in as small a compass as you can, and encircle it with three round rings of the same crimson stream, fold it up, and exactly at the ninth hour of the evening bury it with your own hand in the earth, and tell no one. Your lover will hasten to you as soon as possible, and he will not be able to rest until he sees you, and if you have quarrelled to make it up. A young man may also try this charm, only instead of the wedding finger, let him pierce the left thumb.

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