How to Write Love Letters Secretly (Spell)

From The Book of Forbidden Magic:

How to Write Love Letters Secretly

To write love letters secretly, so that they shall not be discovered, take a sheet of white paper and double it In the middle, and cut holes through both the half sheets; let the holes be cut like a pane of glass, or other forms that you may fancy; then with a pin, prick two little holes at each end and cut your paper in two halves; give one half to your friend to whom you intend to write, lay your cut paper upon a half sheet of writing paper, and stick two pins in these holes that it stir not; then through these holes that you did cut, write your mind to your friend. When you have done, take off your paper holes again, and then write some other idle words both before and after your lines but if they were written to make some little sense, it would carry the less suspicion; then seal it up and send it. When your friend hath re- ceived it, he must lay his paper on the same, putting- pins into the pin holes, and then he can read nothing but your mind that you write, for all the rest of the lines are covered.

Another. — Write what you please of a letter on one side of a sheet of letter paper with common ink, then turn your paper, and write on the other side with milk, that which yould have secret, and let it dry, but this must be written with a clean pen. Now when you would read it you must hold that Bide which is written with ink to the fire, and the milky letters will then show bluish on the other side.

The grimoire The Book of Forbidden Knowledge lists this spell.

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