How to Improve all sorts of Inferior Wines (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

How to Improve all sorts of Inferior Wines. A Recipe hith­erto kept secret, but known a long time since to a certain Elector of Mayence.

Take some superior tartar, smelt the same in a large cruci­ble, but the fire under it must be fanned by a bellows, until the tartar shows a blue flame, when a wire is inserted. This will usually happen within an hour and a half, then it must be poured out, and quickly pounded in a warm mortar, to the size of small shot and then put into a distilling apparatus, add slowly so much of alcohol to cover the tartar, three fingers in height, shake well together. Expose it for several days and nights to a gentle, warm temperature, but stir it three times every day, the apparatus, however, must be well corked up. After the alcohol has obtained a fine red color, the same will be drained off, and a like quantity of other alcohol poured in; hence this extraction is performed three times. After this, then, all the extracts are poured together, and distilled in an alembic to a liquid. But should it be noticed that the alcohol becomes water, cease at once, in order to avoid that spirit of vitriol (phlegm) becomes mixed with it. Of this spirit, about one-half pound is made to run through a large tube into a cask of new-made wine or most in such a manner, so as not too rapidly to fall into it, but gently run over the new wine like oil runs smoothly over water; but, to accomplish this result, the cask must not be entirely full by two fingers in height, to give the spirit a chance to play and flow gently over the sur­face of the wine. This done, the cask is covered, but not closed with a bung, until one day and one shall have passed; after that time fill up entirely to have it ferment, and the task will be accomplished.

The grimoire Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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