For Marasmus for Old and Young Folks (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

For Marasmus for Old and Young Folks.

Take seventeen good corals, twenty-five genuine pearls, thirteen fresh arthritis grains, take the black skin from the latter, then take a stem of rosemary and the same of marĀ­joram, a thimble full of mousear herbs, a good sized chicken stomach, all of these articles well dried and pounded fine in a mortar. Of this powder the patient may take every day three times the quantity covering the points of a table knife, in anything palatable to the sick person.

In using this powder, draw water from a brook against the stream, put therein consumption herbs, and a large common field bean straw, also a handful of hazel poplar leaves and the same quantity of chamomile flowers. Boil well in a new earthen pot and bathe morning and evening arms and hands therein.

The grimoire Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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