Apple of Love (Spell)

From Grand Grimoire, Dark Lodge edition:

Apple of Love

Here is the secret that the wise Cabbalists have called “Apple of Love” which is prepared as follows:

Go pick an apple from a tree on a Friday morning before sunrise. Write your name with your blood on a piece of paper and also write the name of the person whom you wish to love you. On another sheet of paper, write the name Scheva, also in your own blood.

Find a means of procuring three strands of that person’s hair, which you will unite with three of yours. Cut the apple in half, and remove the seeds. In the place of the seeds, place the pieces of paper. Take the apple and tie it back together, with the united hairs, using a green myrtle twig to twist together the two halves of the apple like a tourniquet.

Dry well in the oven, and wrap them in bay and myrtle leaves. Have a well trusted person put the apple under the young woman’s pillow without her noticing. In a few days you will notice the appearance of her love.

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