Midsummer-day Charm to Know your Husband's Trade (Spell)

From Madam Le Marchand's Fortune Teller and Dreamers' Dictionary:

Midsummer-day Charm to Know your Husband's Trade

Exactly at twelve, on Midsummer-day, place a bowl of water in the sun, pour in some boiling pewter as the click is striking, saying thus:--

Here I try to potent spell,
Queen of love, and Juno tell,
In kind union unto me,
What my husband is to be,
This the day, and this the hour,
When it seems you have the power
For to be a maiden's friend,
So, good ladies, condescend.

A tobacco-pipe full is enough. When the pewter is cold, take it out of the water, and drain it dry in a cloth, and you will find the emblems of your future husband's trade quite plain. If more than one, you will marry twice; if confused and no emblems, you will never marry; a coach shows a gentleman for you.

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