Solomon's Mirror (Spell)

The version that appears in The Cambridge Book of Magic varies somewhat in ritual and ingredients, but is similar enough that it is listed here as a variant on the same spell.

From Grand Grimoire, Dark Lodge edition:

Solomon's Mirror

How to Make Solomon's Mirror
+ in nomine domini. amen. +

The manner upon which the Cabbalist Scholars relied to make the Mirror of Solomon, David’s son, who had the gift of wisdom and the occult science; this mirror is made in forty-eight days, starting from the New Moon until the following Full one. You will see (in this mirror) all of the hidden things that you desire in the name of our Lord.

First, abstain from any carnal action or thought for the entire aforementioned time and meanwhile do many pious and compassionate deeds.

Take a shiny and well cleaned plate of steel and write in the four corners these precise words in the blood of a White Dove: JEHOVA, ELOHIM, MITRATHON, ADONAY. Then put the steel plate in a piece of new white cloth and when you observe the New Moon one hour after the sun has set go to the window and gazing at the sky and the moon say with devotion: "O rex eternæ Deus! Creator ineffabilis, qui cuncta as hominis sanitatem meagratio, et occulto judicio creasti respice me (N.N.), indignissimum servum tuum, et ad intentionem meam, et mittere mihi dignare angelum Anael, in speculum istud, qui mandet, et inspiret et jubeat cum sociis suis, et subditis nostris ut in nominee tuo qui fuisti, es et eris potens, et jus, jud, judicent mihi quecumque ab illis exposcam."

Take some ashes made from Laurel wood and add some perfume into it in three shots saying: "In hoc, per hoc, et cum hoc, quod effundo ante conspectum tuum, Deus meus, trinus et unus benedictus et per excelsus qui vides super Cherubin et Seraphin et venturus est judicare seculum per ignem."

Recite this prayer three times, blow on the mirror and then call out this invocation: "Veni Anael, et tibi complaceat esse per socios tuos mecum, in nomine patris potentissimi, in nomine filio sapientissimo, in nomine spiritus amabilissimi. Veni Anael, in nomini terribilis JEHOVA; veni Anael in virtute immortalis Eliom; veni Anael in brachio omnipotentis Mitraton; veni Anael in potentia sacratissimi ADONAY; veni ad me (N.N.) in ispeculo isto, et jubeat subditis tuis ut cum amore gaudio et pace ostendat mihi occulta in oculis meis. Amen."

This said, raise your eyes to the sky and say: "Domini Deus omnipotens, cujus nutu omnia moventur, exaudi deprecationem meum et desiderium meum tibi complaceat, respice domini speculum istud, et benedice illi ut Anael, unus ex subditis fuisse sistat in illo cum sociis et satisfaciat mihi famulo tuo (N.N.), cui vivis et regnas benedictus et excelsus, in saecula saeculorum. Amen."

After the aforementioned prayer, cross yourself and the mirror, and this you will do everyday for as long as it takes to make the mirror. In the end, the angel Anael will appear in the guise of a most handsome young man will greet you and command his companions to obey you. Be aware that 48 days are not always necessary to obtain what you intend; often he appears after 14 days, that depends on the intention and devotion of the Operator.

So when the spirit appears to you, as him everything that you wish and request that he appear to you whenever you call him to satisfy your requests. Then you will see everything you wish to see without reciting the preceding oration; but having anointed him with scent (the scent of Anael is Saffron) say the following:


"Veni Anael, veni tibi complaceat esse per socios tuos mecum, in nomini mecum, in nomini Patris potentissimi, in nomini Filii sapientissimi, in nomine Spiritus Sancti amabilissimi; veni Anael, in virtutis immortalis ELOHIM; veni Anael, in brachio omnipotentis Mitraton; veni Anael, in potentia sacratissimi ADONAY; veni ad me (N.N.) in speculo isto, et jubeas subditis tuis, ut cum amore, gaudio et pace ostendam mihi occulta inoculis meis. Amen, Amen."

After you have recited this oration he will appear to you and satisfy all of your desires.

Method of taking Leave of the angel Anael

"Gratias tibi ago Anael quod venisti, et petitioni meæ satisfecisti, ibi in pace et placeat tibi redire quando to vocavero."

Cross yourself and the mirror.

This spell calls on the angel Anael

The grimoires The Cambridge Book of Magic Grimorium Verum The Grand Grimoire lists this spell.

This spell produces the magic object Mirror of Solomon

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