Remove Pain and Heal Wounds (Spell)

From The Long Lost Friend:

Remove Pain and Heal Wounds

With this switch and Christ's dear blood, I banish your pain and do you good! + + + Mind it well: you must in one cut, sever from a tree, a young branch pointing toward sunrise, and then make three pieces of it, which you successively put in the wound. Holding them in your hand, you take the one toward your right side first. Everything prescribed in this book must be used three times, even if the three crosses should not be affixed. Words are always to have an interval of half an hour, and between the second and third time should pass a whole night, except where it is otherwise directed. The above three sticks, after the end of each has been put into the wound as before directed, must be put in a piece of white paper, and placed where they will be warm and dry.

The grimoire The Long Lost Friend lists this spell.

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