To see in a vision whatever is desired whether past or future (Spell)

From Grimorium Verum, Plangiere translation:

The two N N which you see in the second small circle mark the place where you put your name [see To Make a Girl Come to You . . .]. To know what you will, write the names in the circle on virgin parchment, before sleeping, and put it under your right ear on retiring, saying the following orison:


O Glorious Name of Great God the ever-living, to whom all things are present, I am Thy servant N. . . . Father Eternal, I beg You to send me Thy Holy Angels, who are written in the Circle and that they shall show me what I want to know, by Jesus Christ our Lord. So be it Having completed the orison, lie down on your right side, and you will see in a dream that which you desire to know

The grimoire Grimorium Verum lists this spell.

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