The magical secret for speaking with the dead (Spell)

The versions of this spells in Grimorium Verum and Grand Grimoire are not identical.

This is the version which appears in the Grand Grimoire:

For this operation it is necessary to attend midnight mass at Christmas and at midnight precisely to have a conversation with the inhabitants of the other world and at the moment that the Priest lifts the Host, bow down and with a frank and severe voice say “Esurgent mortuit et ac me veniut.” As soon as you have pronounced these six words it is necessary to go to the cemetery and at the first tomb that meets your eye offer this prayer:

"Infernal powers, you who bring the turbid in the universe, abandon your obscure dwelling and retire to the other side of the River Styx." Then remain there for a moment of silence. "If you have your power, he or she that interests me, I supplicate you in the name of the King of Kings to make him appear before me at the hour and moment that I will indicate to you."

After this ceremony, which is indispensable to carry out, take a fistful of earth and spread it as one sows grain in a field, saying in a low voice: “He who is in dust awake from his tomb and leave his ashes and answer the questions that I pose him in the name of the Father of all men.”

Then bend a knee to the ground, turning your eyes to the East and when you see that the doors of the Sun are going to open, arm yourself with the two bones of the dead man that you will put in a cross of Saint Andrew. Then throw them at the first temple or church that offers itself to your eyes. Having well-executed the aforesaid, set out in a western direction and when you have taken 5,900 steps, lay yourself down to sleep on the ground in an elongated position, holding the palms of your hand against your thighs, and your eyes to the sky towards the Moon and in this position, call he or she whom you wish to see, when you see the specter appear, solicit their presence with the following words “Ego sum te peto, et videre queo.” After these words, your eyes will be satisfied to see the object that dearest to you and give you the most pleasurable delight.

When you have obtained from the shadow which you have Invoked, that which you believe to be to your satisfaction, send it away in this manner: “Return to the kingdom of the elect, I am content with you and your presence.” Then picking yourself up, return to the same tomb where you made the first prayer above which you need to make a cross with the end of your blade which you will be holding in your left hand.

The reader should not neglect any of the prescribed ceremonies otherwise he could incur some risk."

The grimoires Grimorium Verum The Grand Grimoire lists this spell.

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