Another Still More Certain Way to Stop Bleeding (Spell)

From Romanus-Büchlein, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

Another Still More Certain Way to Stop Bleeding

If the bleeding will not stop, or if a vein has been cut, then lay the following on it, and it will stop that hour. Yet if any one does not believe this, let him write the letters upon a knife and stab an irrational animal, and he will not be able to draw blood. And whosoever carries this about him will be safe against all his enemies.

I. m. I. K. I. B. I. P. a. x. v. ss. Ss. vas,
I. P. O. unay Lit. Dom. mper vobism.

And whenever a woman is going to give birth to a child, or is otherwise afflicted, let her have this letter about her person; it will certainly be of avail.

The grimoires The Long Lost Friend Romanus-Büchlein lists this spell.

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