The Poll-Evil In Horses (1) (Spell)

From The Long Lost Friend:

The Poll-Evil In Horses (1)

Break off three twigs from a cherry-tree: one towards morning, one towards evening, and one towards mid. night. Cut three small pieces off the hind part of your shirt, and wrap each of those twigs in one of these pieces; then clean the poll-evil with the twigs and leave them under-the eaves. The ends of the twigs which had been in the wound must be turned toward the north; after which you must do your business on them, that is to say, you must dirty them; then cover it, leaving the rags around the twigs. After all this the wound must be again stirred with the three twigs, in one or two days, and the twigs placed as before.

The grimoire The Long Lost Friend lists this spell.

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