For Toothache and Neuralgia (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

For Toothache and Neuralgia.

Write down, with a goose-quill and ink, new made — but be careful that nothing is wasted from the quill but what belongs to shape the pen — on the outside of the cheek, where the pain is situated, the following signs: "MOT, TOT, FOT." After this being done, light a candle, and proceed therewith under the chimney. Burn the pen by the light under the hearth, until not a vestige thereof remains. All this must be done noise­lessly, while a person who suffers the pain must at once put the head in a bandage, retire to bed, and remain quiet, and by no means, speak a word to anybody for twenty-four hours.

The grimoire Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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