Secret for traveling twenty miles an hour (Spell)

In Grimorium Verum, this spell is known as "Secret for traveling twenty miles an hour," whereas Grand Grimoire only promises 10. The spells, however, are virtually identical.

It's worth noting that, while it only offer 10 miles per hour here, Grand Grimoire contains its own spell for traveling 20 miles per hour through magical garters.

This is the version which appears in Grand Grimoire:

Take two ounces of human fat, one ounce of oil of stag, one ounce of oil of bay-tree, one ounce of fat of stag, one ounce of natural mummy, a half-cup of spirit of wine, and seven vervain leaves. Boil the whole in a new pot, until half-reduction, then form a plaster of it on a fresh wolf skin. When you wear it on the spleen, you go like the wind.

To not fall when you are done, take three drops of blood in a glass of white wine and soak your feet in the wine.

The grimoires Grimorium Verum The Grand Grimoire lists this spell.

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