To make the garter of twenty miles per hour (Spell)

Buy a young wolf under one year old, and cut its throat with a new knife, in the hour of Mars, pronouncing these words: Adhumatis cados ambulavit in fortitudine cibi ilius; then cut his skin into broad garters of an inch, and write there upon the same words that you said while slaughtering it. Write the first letter with your blood, the second with that of the wolf, and continue in the same way until the end of the sentence.

After it is written and dries, it is necessary to cover it by wrapping the garter in white cloth, and to attach two purple ribbons to the two ends, so to tie the garters to the knee braces; Make sure that no woman or girl sees the garters; also remove the garters before crossing a river, Less it loses it’s power.

Grand Grimoire

The grimoires Petit Albert The Grand Grimoire lists this spell.

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Publication of the Grand Grimoire (lists this spell)