When an Animal becomes Suddenly ill and Remains Motion­less (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:


This is a certain indication of internal inflammation. Take two spoonfuls of fresh ashes and a half a spoonful of gun­powder, one quart of cow's milk, pour it altogether; or, make a lye of grape-vine ashes mixed with goats' milk, to measure altogether one quart. In case goats' milk cannot be obtained, take sweet oil for ten cents, and mix it with the lye. Pour it out to the animal as soon as the above indications are noticed. It will surely help.

If you have given these prescribed articles to the animal, and it becomes soon better, the head of the animal should be lifted up for the period of fifteen minutes, or tie the same, so that the blood can run toward the heart. But if the ailment is on a foot, the animal lifts the foot up and cannot stand on it, in such a case take two spoonfuls of fresh ashes, one half spoonful of black sulphur, one-half spoonful of gunpowder, and one pint of fresh cow's milk, mix this well and pour into the sick animal, thereupon take hold of the injured foot. If the skin puffs and swells and shows great heat, and also rustles, rub the leg violently toward the hoofs; then make a bandage of a flour-bag, and tie the foot tightly so that the heat or flux may not be able to extend farther upward, there­upon cut the skin open about a finger's length under the sore, and press it well, wash out with brandy, and the disease will not extend any further. Then withdraw the bandage from the foot, take fresh glue and mix it with vinegar to a plaster, and tie it upon the wound, this will draw the heat out.

Great care is to be taken that the ailment does not extend to the other feet. But should the heat extend upward, take a sharp knife and cut the skin open, that it receives air, and apply the same glue and vinegar plaster to it; or, take an iron for letting blood, and with it slit the skin whenever the dis­ease shows itself. A poisonous steam will ooze out, and thus the animal may be kept alive. All this must be done, how­ever, before twelve hours elapse.

The grimoire Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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