When a Cow Loses her Milk (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

When a Cow Loses her Milk.

Go to the potter and buy a new pot, do not ask the price, but give him twenty-five cents or more; thereupon catch the cow's water in the pot, and pour it into a good trough, stop the key-hole up. Take a tile, paste it in front and rear, then take a few glasses of milk from the cow and pour into the tile, make a fire under it, and when the milk boils, take the water pour it into the milk; take a new broom which had never been used, with it hit bravely therein, and if you wish to hit the witch still better, then take the broom-handle and flog bravely upon the vessel.

The grimoire Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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