Of the Wonders of Natural Magic – Sympathetic and Occult (Spell)

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

Of the Wonders of Natural Magic – Sympathetic and Occult.

Some of the wonders of Magic we mean to display. But here we hasten to investigate by what means, instruments, and effects, we must apply actives to passives, to the produc­ing of rare and uncommon effects. Therefore, to begin with things more simple: If any one shall, with an entire new knife, cut asunder a lemon, using words expressive of hatred, contumely or dislike, against any individual, the absent party, though at an unlimited distance, feels a certain inexpressible and cutting anguish of the heart, together with a cold chilli­ness and failure throughout the body;– likewise of living animals, if a live pigeon be cut through the heart, it causes the heart of the party intended, to become affected with a sudden failure;– likewise fear is induced by suspending the magical image of a man by a single thread; also death and destruction by means similar to these; and all these from a fatal and Magical Sympathy.

Likewise the virtues of simple animals, of which we shall speak. The application of hare's fat pulls out a thorn;– likewise any one may cure the toothache with the stone that is in the head of the toad. Also, if any one shall catch a living frog before sunrise, and he or she spits in the mouth of the frog, will be cured of an asthmatic consumption – like­wise the right or left eye of same animal helps blindness; and the fat of a viper cures a bite of the same. Black hellebore easeth the headache, being applied to the head, or the powder snuffed up the nose in a moderate quantity. Coral is a well-known preservative against witchcraft and poisons, which, if worn around children's necks, enable them to combat many diseases. Paracelsus and Helmont both agree that the toad has a natural aversion to man, and his idea of hatred he carries in his head and eyes, and throughout his whole body; that the toad may be prepared for a sympathetic rem­edy, disorders, such as the Chills, Epileptic Fits, etc., and that our terror and natural hatred be more strongly imprinted in the toad, we must hang him in a chimney by the legs, and set under him a dish of yellow wax, to receive whatever may come down, or fall from his mouth; let him hang in this position, in our sight, for three or four days, at least till he is dead; not omitting to be present in sight of the animal, so that his terror and hatred of us may increase even to death.

The grimoire Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus lists this spell.

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