Worms In Men And Cattle (Spell)

From The Long Lost Friend:

Bots In Horses

Every time you use this, you must stroke the horse down with the hand three times, and lead it about three times holding its head toward the sun, saying: "The Holy One saith: Joseph passed over a field and there he found three small worms; the one being black, another being brown, and the third being red; thou shalt die and be dead."

From The Long Lost Friend:

Bots Or Worms In Horses

You must mention the name of the horse, and say: "If you have any worms, I will catch you by the forehead. If they be white, brown or red, they shall and must now all be dead." You must shake the head of the horse three times, and pass your hand over his back three times to and fro. + + +

From Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus, Joseph H. Peterson edition:

For the Worm on any part of the Limb, wherever it may be

Worm, I conjure thee, by the beams of sacred daylight; worm, I conjure thee, by the mystic shades of night; worm, I conjure thee by those five wounds; worm, I conjure thee by those holy three nails of Christ; worm, I conjure thee, by the power of God Almighty, if thou be green, blue, white, black or red, that thou shalt now be lying in the finger stark and dead, and may this be counted as penance for thee. + + + Three times to be recited, and every time the holiest name of the Lord is repeated, blow over the diseased limb.

From The Long Lost Friend:

Worms In Men And Cattle

A good Remedy for Worms, to be used for men as well as for Cattle:

Mary, God's Mother, traversed the land,

Holding three worms close in her hand;

One was white, the other was black, the third was red.

This must be repeated three times, at the same time stroking the person or animal with the hand; and at the end of each application strike the back of the person or the animal, to wit: at the first application once, at the second application twice, and at the third application three times; and then set the worms a certain time, but not less than three minutes.

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