12th Talisman (Talisman)

The Black Pullet, A.J.S. D.R.L.G.F. translation:

With the talisman and the ring you will be able to open all locks, no matter what secrets have been employed to shut them; you will not need a key. Simply by touching them with the ring and pronouncing these three words: Saritap, Pernisox, Ottarim, they will open of themselves without difficulty. Make proof of this on the spot, my son," the old man told me. "Close the casket which you see on that table." I did this, and after having assured myself that nothing could open it but the key, I touched it with the ring and pronounced the magic words, and it opened of its own accord. "It will be the same," added the old man, "with all the doors of prisons, fortified castles, where they might lock you up.

The grimoire The Black Pullet lists this talisman.

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In this century: Publication of the Black Pullet (lists this talisman)