13th Talisman (Talisman)

The Black Pullet, A.J.S. D.R.L.G.F. translation:

With the talisman and ring (Figure No. 13), you will be able to see what takes place in all houses without being obliged to enter them; you will be able to read the thoughts of everyone whom you approach and with whom you find yourself, and you will be able to render them service or do them injury as you wish. It will be sufficient to place the talisman on your head and then to blow on the ring saying: o Tarot, Nizael, Estarnas, Tantarez these words are for knowing the thoughts of people.

In order to render service to those who deserve it, you say: Nista, Saper, Visnos, and they will immediately enjoy all sorts of prosperities.

To punish the wicked and your enemies, you will say: Xatros, Nifer, Roxas, Rortos, and they will at once suffer punishment and frightful torment. What you have already seen should prove to you that I have advanced nothing which cannot be realised; therefore it is useless to make proof thereof.

The grimoire The Black Pullet lists this talisman.

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In this century: Publication of the Black Pullet (lists this talisman)