17th Talisman (Talisman)

The Black Pullet, A.J.S. D.R.L.G.F. translation:

The talisman and the ring will keep you safe in the midst of the most ferocious animals, to subdue them to your will, to know by their different cries what they want as they have a language among themselves. Mad animals will keep at a distance from you, and you will make them perish forthwith by pronouncing the words which I am going to indicate to you.

For the first operation it is sufficient to say: Hocatos, Imorad, Surater, Markila. For the second:

Trumantrem, Ricona, Estupit, Oxa.

The grimoire The Black Pullet lists this talisman.

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In this century: Publication of the Black Pullet (lists this talisman)