1st Talisman (Talisman)

The Black Pullet, A.J.S. D.R.L.G.F. translation:

"You see, my son, how all the spirits are submissive to you, how they will obey you and await your orders. Do you wish to return to the place which you left or to soar for some time in the middle of the aerial parts? Do you know that you can see all that is happening around you and that you are visible only to the Great Being who wishes to accord you wisdom and to those who accompany you?" I testified to the desire to survey the immensity. "Pronounce Saram while extending your arms towards the east, and you will be satisfied." I uttered this word and made the indicated sign. The spirits lifted me up as well as the old man. We approached the clouds, and the vast horizon opened to my enchanted eyes. The old man once again said to me: "You see I have not made vain promises, you will have the same success in all your undertakings, but let us return to the Pyramid. The spirits await us, and we will continue our workings." He said "Rabiam," and very soon we re-entered the abode of the old man.

The grimoire The Black Pullet lists this talisman.

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In this century: Publication of the Black Pullet (lists this talisman)