Seal of Leo (Talisman)

Archidoxes of Magic:

It hath a most excellent virtue: it causeth great Favours to men and women that wear it: It is a very good Remedy against Quartain Feavers. The Liquor is also good to be drunk, wherein it hath been infused all night. It is especially approved against Pestilence and all inward infection; and against all Diseases in the Eyes coming from heat, and from all other evil Heats and Rheums which we call flying Humors. It is good also against Burnings, the Seal being applied upon the place, certainly and surely draweth out the fire. This way we cured the wife of one Mr. Nicholas Barber our Country-man, dwelling at a place called Villach in which we Cured, and drew out the burning so, that the burned place was healed without any sore, or running Matter, only by applying such a Sigil; which she wore upon the place until the end of the Cure.

This talisman is associated with the astrological sign Leo

The grimoire The Archidoxes of Magic lists this talisman.

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