Seal of Scorpio (Talisman)

Archidoxes of Magic:

It is a most excellent Remedy against all Poyson and Diseases thereby infected. It is excellent and admirable for Souldiers, Captains, and such as are in daily Controversies: Also, if such an Animal as follows be made of pure Iron, when Mars is Lord of the yeer, and the Sun enters the first degree of Scorpio; afterwards when Mars is in his own House in Aries, let it be engraven as follows. Then let it be applied in the hour of Mars: the House wherein it is hanged, it defendeth safe from all Scorpions; and all Serpents that are alive will flie out of it: it is a most excellent Remedy against all venemous bitings: mightily helpeth Souldiers in Fights: and is very good against the Leprosie to be worn, and the Patient to drink potable Gold.

This talisman is associated with the astrological sign Scorpio

The grimoire The Archidoxes of Magic lists this talisman.

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The Archidoxes of Magic written (lists this talisman)